Old Style Pizza Boynton Beach

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Old Style Pizza Boynton Beach

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Mrs. Pizza and I went to another birthday party with my sons pre-K class.  My favorite thing about going to kids birthday parties is definitely PIZZA!!!  Old Style Pizza was a new one for me, since the party was in Boynton Beach, FL.  I thought Old Style Pizza was an interesting name.  Unfortunately, the pizza was definitely old style.  And not in a good way.  It was like an old style frozen pizza.

That’s what the crust reminded me of.  There was nothing pleasant about eating the slice.  The sauce was heavy, as was the cheese.  My first slice had a topping, so I tried the plain slice.  Definitely tasted like frozen pizza.  The crust also tasted stale, giving new meaning to the word “Old” in this joint’s name.

My friend Mr. Magorium told me to give the place a break.  It’s not easy to make 20 pies and have them delivered.  He argues that it’s not the same as eating a fresh pie.  But I don’t agree.  This is their job.  To deliver pizza to birthday parties. And our children do not deserve to be served garbage just because it is cheap.  We should only want what is best for our kids, and that means getting pizza delivered with quality and healthy ingredients.

I give  Old Style Pizza in Boynton Beach 2 of 8 slices.

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