Nostalgic Visit To Gino’s Pizza in South Beach Miami

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Nostalgic Visit To Gino’s Pizza in South Beach Miami

Posted By: Pizza Expert
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pizza again.  My last visit to Gino's took place when I first started the site, so I was anxious to review it again.  The placed smelled great, and had air conditioning on which was excellent on this hot day.

Ordered just one regular slice, which just came out of the oven so it was nice and hot.  Gino's is substantially better then Groovy's Pizza, and if you are seeking out a place that is open late at night with fresh pizza, you should try Gino's over the competition.  Should you go to the beach and want a slice during the day, all the pizza comes out fresh and isn't sitting around waiting in a fancy design for you.

The sauce was tasty, and sweet, the cheese was delicious, and the crust was tasty.  The crust however, did not hold up very well, and was a bit soggy maybe due to the heat of the pie just coming out.  All in all I found this to be a great slice, and one I will go back and try in the future.

I will give Gino's Pizza in South Beach, Miami, 5 out of 8 slices.  Skip the other establishments and come straight to Gino's.

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