Nick’s Tomato Pie – Palm Beach Airport

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Nick’s Tomato Pie – Palm Beach Airport

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imag0086Thanks to Seth for sending this into me.

Nick's Tomato Pie is located at the West Palm International Airport. With a name like "Tomato," you'll be surprised by the limited amount of actual tomato sauce. The cracker-type thin crust was good and the mix of cheeses was tasty.

The pizza comes out pretty quick since the thin crust does not require a lot of time in the oven.  This is especially good if you are rushing to catch a flight!  The sauce I did manage to taste wasn't too bad so I am not sure why they skimped out on it.  The crust was tasty and crisp, and the cheese mix was pretty good.  It is not like I would rush out of my way to go to the airport to eat this pizza, but considering the choices most airports have for pizza, I have to say Nick's is one of the best I have had.  Beats Sbarro and the other crappy places most terminals have.

Nick's Tomato Pie at the Palm Beach Airport gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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