Nick’s APizza Boca Raton – New Haven Style Pizza

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Nick’s APizza Boca Raton – New Haven Style Pizza

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Just got word that Nick's APizza (pronounced abeets)is going to open up in Boca Raton near the Five Guys and Hooters.  Not sure of the actual date yet since I am unable to contact anyone so far.

For those of you who don't know pizza, Nick's makes its pizza in a style called "New Haven".  Some of the best pizza joints in the country are located in New Haven, near Yale University, so it seems like it is the latest phrase to try to make your pizzeria stand out from the rest.  Sally's Modern and Pepe's are just to name that reside in New Haven.

You see New Haven style differs from New York Style and regular style since they use dough, sauce and cheese.  I guess none of the rest of the pizza places around use these ingredients as the basis of their recipes to call themselves APizza.

I guess what New Haven means is that it is thin, ultra crispy when it comes to the crust, and coal-fired. Some equate New Haven to White Clam Pizza which has no tomato sauce. Sounds to me like a fancy name for Brick Oven Pizza though. We will see if having APizza in your name compared to just regular Pizza makes for a better pie. Hopefully it will, cause I could use a really good pizza closer to my house!

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