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New River Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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newriverpizza.jpgDuring a previous review, one of our Experts Jarret, loved New River Pizza in Fort Lauderdale.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt since he was pretty spot on, when it came to other places we both liked.  Since we had previously agreed on the others, I decided not to print my previous negative review I had written about New River pizza, and instead print his.  But after trying this pizza again, I had to give my opinion.

You could only imagine the amount of emails, and tweets I get daily from pizza lovers around the world, suggesting their favorite places.  New River Pizza is a location that comes across my desk on a regular basis.  They have quite a following amongst the local residents in their area, as well as the businesses that order from them weekly.  Based upon all these recommendations, I went to eat at New River Pizza about six months ago, only to be totally let down by what I had eaten.  I expected to find some truly amazing pizza here, and what I found was nothing more than average.

During Refresh Fort Lauderdale the other night, Michael Montgomery (amazing brilliant fellow if you haven't met him yet) was nice enough to sponsor the event in conjunction with his law firm.  Part of the sponsorship included feeding the restless attendees some pizza.  He ended up choosing New River Pizza, since it is located in proximity to their downtown office.  Since the pizza was there, I decided to have a slice and see if maybe I just had a bad experience my last time, and they have since changed the recipe.  Jarret really liked this place as I have said, so perhaps it was just a bad pie I encountered all those months ago.  But after trying the slice, I have to say, I found it average, with nothing too special about it.

The slice sprinkled a dandruff like substance on the floor as I rubbed my fingers together.  Obviously, this was due to the over abundance of flour used.  It is fair to note that this pizza was delivered, and sat in a cardboard box for a bit before I ate it, so I cannot totally bash the slice.  Normally an amazing pie tastes somewhat decent even after being delivered.  This did not.  The sauce didn't have any real flavor to it, and the cheese tasted very "papa johnesque."

It is pretty incredible that two pizza experts could find such different words to use to describe the pizza, let alone such different ratings on one place.  It only goes to show that everybody has their own tastes, and maybe mine isn't always right (as if!).

New River Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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