Naked Pizza Puts Up Twitter Billboard

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Naked Pizza Puts Up Twitter Billboard

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twittersignI was just reading a post on Tech Crunch where they spoke about Naked Pizza in New Orleans putting up a new billboard with its twitter handle.  Instead of placing their phone number, this innovative pizza shop has invited motorists to follow @nakedpizza for special offerings.

Naked Pizza, as those of us who follow the pizza world know, is well known for having the healthiest pizza.  Even though they have less then half the calories of regular pizza, they still manage to taste great.  After a successful run, they even got the interest of Mark Cuban to partner with them and help turn Naked Pizza into a national franchise.

As twitter takes the world by storm, and grows in popularity daily, it seems only natural that more pizza places will think outside the box (aren't I clever) and get more of their customers to find them on twitter instead of in the phone book.  If we ever get to New Orleans we will see if the pizza is even worthy of having a twitter user name.  Either way, even if the pizza sucks, at least they are creative enough to stay ahead of the game, unlike the rest of the neanderthal pizza owners out there.

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