Miami Dolphins Stadium Pizza – Papa Johns

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Miami Dolphins Stadium Pizza – Papa Johns

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, so when I refer to Dolphin's Stadium that is what I mean.

We went to go watch the Dolphin's play the Seahawks a few weeks ago courtesy of Eric.  Like usual my son started to complain he was thirsty and hungry when we go there so we naturally went to the concession stand.  There is nothing I like better then spending like $50.00 on a large soda.  When we got to the counter I noticed they had Papa Johns Pizza there.  I ordered a plain pie and prepared myself for the worst.

Those of you who read my reviews regularly know that in my opinion Papa Johns is better then Domino's Pizza but still pretty horrendous.  So if you take bad quality and bad ingredients and add them into an arena setting where they are sitting on a rack waiting for you, you can only imagine how wonderful it must taste.

Even though I was starving, this pizza was barely edible.  It was cold, it was rubbery, and the box was too big when I was done to place it comfortably anywhere.  Usually when a company claims they use better ingredients, the cheese doesn't end up hard and rubber like, and make it almost snap back onto the pizza as you are pulling a slice apart.  The pizza at the Panther's game was definitely better then this, in my opinion.

I will give the Papa Johns Pizza at Dolphin's Stadium 1 out of 8 slices.

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