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Mediterranean Pizza Boca Raton

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mediterraneanpizza.jpgA new place opened up in the former space that used to house Bilotti's Pizza, or maybe it was Boboli's Pizza, or maybe even Sal's.  Who knows they all looked alike once inside, and pretty much all had the same crappy taste to them.  Another mom and pop shop opened up soon after, but seemed to go out of business just as fast.  Now it is Mediterranean Pizza's turn to step up and try and make this hidden location work.  Mediterranean Pizza is located on 8903 Glades Road, 561.488.8883 in the TJ Maxx shopping center.  You cannot see it from the road, so don't even try to look.

My wife needed to go and get something at TJ Maxx, and I noticed that there was a sign that said pizza outside the restaurant, soon after it opened.  I ventured in and walked up to the counter to order a slice to go.  The waitress, must have asked me no less then 10 times if I wanted to try the Turkish Pizza instead of a "cheese" slice.  I said no politely the first 9 times, and by the tenth I just looked at her sternly and said, I ordered a plain slice and that is most likely EXACTLY what I want.

The pizza guy eventually got around to finding a slice of pizza, which seemed to be sitting out for a while, and then piled on some extra mozz cheese on top of it.  Right off the bat I assumed that this pizza was stale, tasted terrible, and they were putting on the cheese to hide what was underneath it.  Anyways, no other places does this so I thought it was somewhat unique.  When the slice came out, it didn't taste too bad.  Since it was laying around for so long, the crust was extremely crisp and managed to have a quality taste to it.

The strange part about this slice was I couldn't tell if they had any cheese on the slice in the first place, or just left a pie laying around with only sauce and dough?  As an expert I should have easily been able to tell this, but once they put the new cheese on, it made it extremely hard to tell.  All-in-all it was an ok experience and I figured I would go back and try again.

mediterranean_pizza.jpgDuring my second visit to Mediterranean Pizza, I took my son to get some new taste buds in the mix.  We ordered a small plain pie from the un-attentive waitress, and started to wait.  Based upon the time I ordered the pizza to when it went into the oven was a long time.  This was obviously due to our waitress being unorganized.  When the pizza finally came out of the oven it looked really good.  This time there was no extra cheese placed on top of it like my previous time.  They should learn to be consistent and serve the slices and the pies the same way.  I liked how little sauce was placed on the pie and soon took my first bite.  My son took his first bit around the same time and we both gave each other a look of disappointment. The dough was well undercooked, and tasted pretty bland.  The cheese even didn't have a great taste to it, and I would comment on the sauce, but like I said earlier, there wasn't really any.  Based on my experience with our server (we were there for over an hour total, for a small pie) and the lack of effort placed into this pie, I will give Meditteranean Pizza 3 out of 8 slices.  If they want to put a little more TLC into their pies, they can contact me and I will happily come in again to try it.

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