Matt’s Pizza St. James New York

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Matt’s Pizza St. James New York

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matsspizza.jpgmatts.jpgMy father and I stopped at Matt's Pizza in St. James. I have never been to Matt's but my dad has ordered from them in the past, and suggested I at least give it a shot. Upon walking into Matt's, I couldn't help but notice how dirty the place was.

Even though it wasn't too busy, it took forever for them to serve me, and after looking at how stale and old the pizza looked, I decided it was best to just walk out and not try their pizza this day.

Matt, you really need to clean up the place after people eat, and be more attentive at the counter. Not as attentive as Patio Pizza, since they didn't even let me look, but you need to teach your employees how to acknowledge potential customers. You should also consider displaying your pizza in a more appetizing way. Most looked stale and appeared to have been sitting there for a while.

Matt, I will definitely be back to at least try your pizza, since there is nothing positive or negative I could say about it as of now, but after reading some of the other reviews online, it makes me skeptical that people consider this the best. Rocco's in St. James has been "the best" so far in my opinion, and you will have big shoes to fill in order to beat their sicilian.

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