Mario The Baker Pizza North Miami

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Mario The Baker Pizza North Miami

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Was hanging at a buddy's place the other day when him and his co-worker decided they were hungry. Since they weren't able to go out and spend time dining in a restaurant, we decided to go pick up pizza at a nearby Mario The Baker. There are several Mario The Baker pizzerias in Miami, this one was located in North Miami.

I wasn't expecting much of the pizza since most of the other Mario The Baker pizza shops were just average. Add the fact it was going to be brought in, and stuffed into a cardboard box, and I was even less enthusiastic. Oh well, I was hungry so when it came, I was excited all the same.


I grabbed my first sloppy, droopy slice and tried to get it to my mouth without all the cheese and sauce sliding off it. Since I am not your ordinary pizza eater, I managed to get in a good bite and was shocked that even though the pizza wasn't cooked enough, was placed into a box, and put in a car, that it still had such a nice taste to it. The cheese tasted great, and you can tell they use a high quality blend. The sauce was sweet, without lumps, and applied lightly. The crust actually tasted pretty good, although as I have mention earlier, it could have been cooked a little better.

Next time I am down visiting these guys, I will most likely go back and try this pizza again. If you live in the area, it seems like your best choice. They also have some of those new colorful pizza boxes.

Mario The Baker in Bay Harbor gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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