Marina Pizzeria Nassau Bahamas – The Atlantis

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Marina Pizzeria Nassau Bahamas – The Atlantis

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Had the luxury of visiting the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for a lavish wedding. Not that we discuss weddings here, but I do not think I have been to such a gorgeous location for a day of matrimony before. So of course, while there, I decided go try some of the pizza. Many will think I used the wedding as an excuse to try Bahamian Pizza, and some just might be right ;)

The Atlantis, where we stayed was breathtaking. So many activities to do, and the grounds are just spectacular. I wish the overall experience with the staff was equally as lovely, as it seemed like it was a struggle to get anything done with them. By the way, do not get a bag of Doritos at the store in the lobby of The Atlantis in Paradise Island, unless you intend on spending $10.00

The Atlantis Paradise Island has plenty of dinning choices, including Carmine's in the Market Place shops outside the hotel, which was probably my favorite meal of the trip. They even have a pizzeria named Marina Pizzeria, which once I spotted, I couldn't wait to go and try.

Marina Pizza is located on The Atlantis premises but you have to walk outside to get to it. It is directly next to the harbor where you can look at yachts that probably cost ten million dollars, and wonder why you are struggling to buy the $7.00 slice of plain pizza. Poverty sucks! Anyways, the pizzeria is small inside and doesn't boast a huge menu.

Nothing fancy really, just a conveyor belt oven and some slices on display. As I mentioned It earlier, the plain slice here is $7.00. For $7.00 I expected an amazing slice. I was hoping The Atlantis would become the first resorts to offer up some good quality food and justify that enormous price tag that goes along with the slice.

The slice happened to be big, and it did look quite appetizing. That was until I held it up to my mouth. It was so undercooked that it completely flopped and almost fell to my shirt. Once I got a hold of the crust, I held it with two hands and finally managed to get my first bite. The bite revealed a cold slice with some of the cheese underneath the top layer still shredded and uncooked. In my opinion they just rushed to take these slices out so they could get the $7.00 a slice and move on, without any regards to quality.

Although the cheese did taste good, and the sauce which was liberally applied wasn't horrendous, the dough tasted like a raw mix, almost soupy. In my opinion I wouldn't be going back to eat at this pizzeria, even though it's the only choice. Another guy I met from Miami that was staying at the hotel, thought the meat pizza was great here, so there is always the small chance I got a bad slice. But I can safely say, for $7.00 a slice I am not going to give it another try. Just too darn expensive and borderline extortive.

Oh and a can of soda is $3.00, so for $10.00 you can enjoy one slice and a coke. How generous of them.

Marina Pizzeria at The Atlantis on Paradise Island in The Bahamas gets 2 out of 8 expensive slices.

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