Mannino’s Pizza Margate, FL

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Mannino’s Pizza Margate, FL

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We were heading back home from the car dealer down in Sunrise, and I decided to take 441 North and see if I could stumble upon any pizza places I hadn't tried before. We drove by a couple that didn't look too good from the outside, and in lieu of possibly having my car broken into, I decided to just drive past and find another place.

When I was about to make a turn onto Coconut Creek Parkway, I noticed a sign from the street that said Mannino's Pizza. Since I couldn't see where it was in the plaza, I wasn't even sure if there was such a place anymore. We made a quick turn into the Crossroads Plaza in Margate and found it midway through, hidden behind another outparcel. If you didn't know Mannino's Pizza was here, you would pass it daily and never know it was back there.

We walked in, and Mannino's had a cute Italian ambiance. We approached the counter and looked at the pizza in the display case, which didn't really look incredibly appetizing. I ordered a slice and a can of soda, since they didn't have fountain beverages here. After putting the slice in the oven, the guy asked me if we were eating here or taking to go. I said we were eating here, and he said ok, have a seat. We sat and he sent a waiter over, who took our order again! Even though the food was already started, I had to reorder it again from a waiter. This was stupidly annoying to me. I am capable (thank g-d) to carry my own pizza to the table, which was right in front of the counter. Didn't need a third party to get involved and slow it down. Our server had a terrible memory and started to forget which soda we ordered, and what we were eating. It was truly a nuisance to have him get in the way. Regardless of the taste, if I have to order my slices from a server, I most likely will not be coming back to Mannino's Pizza in Margate.

Mannino's Pizza has been open for 8 years in this spot, so although its location is completely hidden from the road, they must do a good dinner business with the locals. The prices seemed fair. When my slice came out and was brought the 2 feet to my table, it looked much better than it had from behind the glass display. The slice was scolding hot and I burnt my lip and roof of my mouth with the first bite. I let it cool down a bit before my second bite, since I had learned my lesson the hard way. The slice was super thin, which was a plus in my book. The crust was crispy but contained an overload of flour. Nice amount of cheese applied over a sweet smooth sauce. The cheese tasted like a Grande cheese quality blend, but I am pretty sure it wasn't Grande. Probably some new type of cheese their distributor recommended that is comparable.

If Mannino's Pizza allowed me to walk to counter and grab my own slice and pay, I could see myself wanting to go back to try the pizza again. But since they decided I am unfit to carry my plate with a slice of pizza to my table, then I must be unfit to eat there. Sorry guys, but let me know when you lose the table service for lunch. The server kind of gave me the creeps with his lack of memory and his demeanor. Nice enough guy, but just didn't need him.

Mannino's Pizza in Margate gets 5 out of 8 slices. If you have the patience for service, I would recommend trying it.

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