Mamma’s Pizza Delray Beach, FL

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Mamma’s Pizza Delray Beach, FL

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I was surprised to see that a new place just opened up where Capri Pizza was in Delray Beach. Seems like Capri Pizza only stayed open for a month or so, before closing down. When I drove down Atlantic Ave the other day to head towards Scuola Vecchia pizza, I noticed that the new pizza place was called Mamma's Pizza, so I made a pitstop and went to try a slice out.

Mamma's Pizza is located directly across the street from the Police Station, and Courthouse. They are a close walk to the Tennis Stadium, and the Fire Training center. This little plaza even has residents living above it in a nice new building. What I am trying to say is there is a lot of potential for business here, the only negative parts for Mamma's Pizza is that they are also walking distance to where Delray Beach gets real nasty looking, and also nowhere near where all the nightlife and pedestrian traffic are at night.

Upon walking inside Mamma's Pizza a couple of staff members were sitting on stools outside the counter, and there was only one other patron in there, who I think worked at the barber shop nearby. The layout of the pizzeria didn't change, and outside some minor aesthetic changes, the place still looked clean and nice like Capri did. A somewhat quiet Eastern European girl asked me what I wanted and suggested the two slice special which was only $5.00. Since I only wanted one slice, I didn't order it but when they gave me the cup to drink I was impressed with the size. Most places do 2 slices and a soda for $5.00 but give you a can to choose from. Not Mamma's Pizza in Delray Beach, they give you like a big gulp size cup to go enjoy your drink it, and offer refills. I liked this. Not sure why they don't get Pepsi or Coke products, but that is up to them. I think it cheapens a place when they try to save the small amount on their soda.

When my slice came out it was a nice size. It was wide as opposed to narrow, and was a good size for the price. The cheese:sauce ratio looked fine, and the cheese looked incredibly tasty. Didn't take long to realize it was Grande Cheese. I would like to sound like the ultimate pizza critic with the perfect taste buds, but it was proudly displayed on their menu when I started to look through it.

Upon my first bite, I noticed a little kick to their tasty sauce, but it wasn't too spicy to turn me completely off. The cheese was great, and they weren't stingy with it. If you do not love the oil (like I do) you will certainly find yourself patting off the excess with a napkin here. The crust was a little doughy and the slice had big problems holding up as I picked it up to bite into it. I also didn't like how thick they made the outside crust. It was just too puffy and airy, and didn't conform to the rest of the pie which was thin.

Mamma's Pizza offers free delivery, but for some odd reason they are closed on Sunday, which is known to be a very busy day for delivery and take out. The garlic bread with cheese I got there was $5.95, which is extremely excessive for a loaf of bread, some garlic spread and cheese. I wouldn't order it again at this price.

The owner wasn't extremely friendly but managed to tell me that this is his 10th pizza location down here in Florida. The shirts say Established 1967, but I am not sure if that is when they initially opened in Brooklyn, then 45 years later opened here? But if you have had 10 pizza shops, I am not sure if it is necessary to have this date on the shirt since the other places weren't Mamma's. Just my opinion.

Mamma's here is my suggestion. Make the crust less puffy on the edges, sweeten the sauce, and cook the slice a little longer. Should you do those three things, I think you have a winning slice on your hands, and years of longevity at this new location, which is all I hope for you. Perhaps a little less flour wouldn't hurt. I would love to see a mom and pop place make it in this Delray Beach location.

Mamma's Pizza in Delray Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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