Mamma Mia’s Pizza Boynton Beach

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Mamma Mia’s Pizza Boynton Beach

Posted By: pete
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img00018img00017This is my first review! I am originally from NY so I think I am an excellent judge on good pizza. I mention this, since I spent most of my youth and adult life in search of the best pizza New York had to offer. I love pizza and had a craving for it this past weekend, so I decided to order pizza for the family one night.

I ordered from a place by my house in Boynton Beach named Mamma Mia's. My order consisted of one regular pizza (as you Floridians might know as cheese) & one Sicilian pie. First, lets start with the Sicilian. No Sicilian I have ever eaten compares to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. Just like the rest of the Sicilian pizza I have eaten down here, this one manged to disappoint.

The crust was undercooked and a little raw.  The cheese was not melted enough, and combined with the cold sauce it made for a terrible taste. Was not good at all. This pizza tasted like a frozen slice of Ellios pizza, and just as undercooked. This pizza was obviously rushed out and made with very little care for the end product.  I have eaten this before and when fully cooked it is not bad for Florida pizza. They do give a nice even balance of cheese and sauce not too overwhelming of either.  Sauce could taste a little better but you can not have it all. The Sicilian Pie gets 2  out of 8 slices only because I reheated some up the day after and it tasted a tad bit better and I also have eaten it before and it wasn't this bad .

Now for the regular... this I do have to say was not half bad, as you can see by the picture. At least I feel there is way too much cheese on the pizza, and not a good balance of cheese and sauce. Crust was cooked to perfection on this one.  It was nice and crispy, not over or under cooked, it was just right. Cheese was a little over whelming but i guess they might overload the cheese to cover up the taste of the sauce which is pretty much a non event on the regular slice.  Truthfully, I  couldn't even really taste any sauce on the slices.

Still with all this being said i give the regular pie at Mamma Mia's in Boynton Beach 4 out of  8 slices.

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