Mamma Mia’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Mamma Mia’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Was invited to a private party the other evening at a pretty cool warehouse that had some of the most amazing pinball machines. The host was gracious enough to also provide us with drinks and pizza all night. I went with one of the guys to go pick up the pizza at Mamma Mia's in Boynton Beach, located on Woolbright Road.

Mamma Mia's has several locations around Palm Beach County, and I have been to most of them but never really loved it enough to go out of my way just to have the pizza again. We ordered a couple of plain pies and some Sicilian pies. Unfortunately I had to wait until we arrived back at the warehouse before trying them, but once the box was open I digged in on a regular and Sicilian slice.


Like any pizza, once it hits the cardboard box it loses some of the taste and crisp, except in my opinion for Domino's which actually tastes like cardboard before it is placed into the cardboard box. Before I could get any photos of the pizza, the other guests had already started grabbing slices, so this is the best I could do when it comes to photos of the actual pizza.

First let's start with the regular. My favorite part of the regular was the cheese. It was a high quality, decent tasting cheese. The sauce was not to my liking though, and it had a bitter aftertaste to it. The crust tasted good, but it was hard to truly gauge it, since it had been in the box for too long. The Sicilian looked like it was cooked right. It was a nice size pie and had a decent amount of cheese on it, at least where it hadn't moved around the box. Once again the Sicilian had the same problem though with the sauce.

If Mamma Mia's does something to make their sauce taste better, I would be happy to come back and try it again. In my personal opinion, there are better places nearby that I would prefer to go when ordering a pie. The dinners at Mama Mia's are still good though, and I enjoy the penne with garlic & oil. Maybe the bottom line is, if you get a pizza here, try to eat it in the dining area. It just doesn't travel well.

Mamma Mia's Pizza in Boynton Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices in my personal opinion.

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