Mama’s Pizza Restaurant Oakdale, Long Island

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Mama’s Pizza Restaurant Oakdale, Long Island

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The first spot in my recent pizza crawl of the South Shore of Long Island was at Mama's Pizza Restaurant in Oakdale. Many of the locals claim this is the best spot in the area so I figured it was worth a shot. Since their were three of us, I got the slice cut into threes, but forgot to take a photo before doing so. You will have to use your imagination to think what it looked liked before the cutting.

Mama's wasn't very busy during the time we went, which isn't common for a place which is supposed to be the best in town. Perhaps it was due to the snow, or maybe an off hour, but even so, there should have been more people than just us three. We ordered a regular slice, and contemplated some garlic knots, but ultimately decided to save our appetite and just get the plain slice.

Our first bite revealed a lack of sauce. The sauce tasted adequate but could have used some more of it in my opinion. The cheese:sauce ratio was off. The crust possessed way too much flour, and it wasn't of the best variety either. The crust was light and airy, but a bit puffy on the edges. I recommend that their pizza maker slaps the pie in their hands a bit more to get rid of the excess flour before putting it in the oven. The cheese didn't taste bad, but I would have also liked to see a little bit more cheese as well, with the sauce.

Mama's is worth checking out since it appears to be family run, and usually those are the types of owners who care to make things the best they can.

Mama's Pizza in Oakdale gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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