Mama’s Pizza Boca Raton Florida – Family Owned

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Mama’s Pizza Boca Raton Florida – Family Owned

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img_05041Hard to find a family owned pizza place in Boca Raton for all these years like Mama's Pizza.  Mama's Pizza tucked far away off Kimberly Blvd in Boca Raton is the type of place that you would go to if you visited your grandparents living in Century Village down the block.

Being run by the same family for over 25 years and located down the block from the very people who like to spend the least speaks volumes to me about this place.  Given their location, and their customers, this place should have failed years ago.  Makes you wonder why they lasted right?  Well the answer is simple.  Mama's serves a wonderful tasting slice, and the folks behind the counter are kind and the types you want to see succeed.

Going back a couple of years, my son used to take lessons in the same run down, disgusting shopping center where mama's is located.  Trust me, if you see this shopping center you will undoubtedly stay clear of it.  I believe this is the same shopping center where the Chabad Shooting in Boca Raton took place!  Pretty scary stuff!  Anyways, I went in to get dinner with my family after his lessons.  After we ate the bill came and I handed them my credit card.  The waitress informed me they only take cash, and sure enough in a very worn out illegible sign, they said cash only.  Talk about embarrassing...I had no cash, my wife had none either!  What to do?

The owner of Mama's proceeded to tell me, do not worry about paying us today, you can come back and pay us when you have the money.  I thought I had heard wrong, since who in this day and age actually goes out of their way to be kind to a customer.  I told her I would come back tonight and she insisted that I relax and just get it to her when I can.  Obviously I fel to awful, I arrived there the next evening with the money and told her that she is amazing, and that it is truly remarkable she did that for me.  Obviously, it is easy to see why this place has lasted decades longer then some competitors, while being in such a crappy location.

The other day on my way home, I was running extremely low on gas and I headed down Kimberely to the gas station there.  When I saw Mama's Pizza I had to grab a slice.  The slice was just as I recalled it to be.  The crust was crispy, the cheese:sauce ratio was perfect and the taste was delicious.  Their crust has such a nice taste to it, that I think you can blindfold a New Yorker and hand him this slice and they wouldn't tell the difference.  The sauce was ok, but nothing special, but no complaints overall.  I will give Mama's Pizza and Pasta in Boca Raton 6 out of 8 slices.  Their attitudes get highest grades!

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