Lutina’s Pizza West Palm Beach

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Lutina’s Pizza West Palm Beach

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Was at an event the other night in West Palm Beach and when it ended some of the attendees suggested we go to Rooney's on Okeechobee. We agreed to go and hang out for a little while but I noticed as I pulled up into this shopping plaza that they had a pizza place located named Lutina's Pizza that I had never heard of, and decided that I must give it a try since I might not ever make a special trip up these ways to try it again.

Lutina's Pizza was far from fancy inside, and it was a walk up counter place with quite an extensive menu. They even had Filipino food on the menu, which led me to believe this was not Italian owned. Not that it mattered, since some of the best pizza I have had was made by Turkish people in Sweden. I ordered a slice and began to wait for it to come out of the oven.

I found it peculiar that Lutina's has their pizza ovens hidden from view, and they purposely have a curtain blocking customers from seeing their pizza being put into the oven, and taken out as well. Makes me think they are embarrassed of something, or trying to hide a dirty kitchen, which probably isn't the case, but maybe they want to reconsider the layout or at least remove the curtain.

When the slice came out I was pleasantly surprised with how good it smelled, and how well it held up when I lifted it from the plate. The crust was firm and crisp, and didn't have the sag associated with many of the competing pizza places around this part of West Palm Beach. When I took my first bite, I gotta say....I was a bit impressed. The cheese must have been Grande, since it tasted so good and fresh. The crust tasted like it should, and the sauce, although not very sweet, didn't really leave me hating it. All-in-all I would say that Lutina's makes a pretty good slice of pizza.

Lutina's Pizza in West Palm Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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