Luna Pizza Stuart, Fl Best Garlic Knots

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Luna Pizza Stuart, Fl Best Garlic Knots

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Luna Pizza in Stuart Florida is known for having some of the best Garlic Knots in the country. They are deliciously oily, cheesy, garlicky and bite size. We sometimes drive all the way out of our way just to go up there and grab a few dozen. Since I normally fill up on Garlic Knots, I tend to skip the pizza, so when we were headed back from Orlando, I decided to take the family to Luna Pizza and actually try some pizza this time (and garlic knots of course).

As I might have previously mentioned before, Luna is one of the few places around all of Martin County, FL, and probably for most of Palm Beach County too, where you can walk up to a pizza window outside and grab what you want. It is like an old Brooklyn or NYC joint that my Grandfather used to take me to in Upper Manhattan before heading on the subway. This time around though, I did not get the pizza at the window and instead opted for a dozen garlic knots (they really are the best garlic knots in Florida as of now) to eat outside while waiting for the dining room to open, so my family and I could order a pie and sit down.

After a brief stroll around Downtown Stuart, FL, we wandered back into Luna Pizza and ordered a pie with half meatballs. Since the garlic knots at Luna were so exceptional, I had extremely high hopes for the pizza as well. I mean if this little oasis could manage to make such a perfect garlic knot, why should they have trouble with pizza. When the pie came out it looked pretty tasty. The cheese:sauce ratio looked spot on, and the meatballs seemed to be crispy and sizzling still from the oven. My first bite was good, but not great. Don't get me wrong, for Stuart, Florida, it was some pretty good pizza. It was lacking on the crispiness on the bottom of the pie, but the top was cooked close to perfect. The meatballs tasted great, but I will just focus on the plain slice I had as well from the other half of the pie.

The cheese they use here is that of good quality. It could very well be Grande cheese, but I am not 100% sure. Either way it had a good taste to it. The sauce is what I didn't really care for here. It was sort of flavorless, and had some peel in it, which I am not a fan of. The crust tasted very good and was certainly one of the best crusts I have had in the Stuart area.

There is a reason Luna continues to thrive, while so many other pizza places are closing in the area. They give you quality pizza, at an affordable price. What a novel concept, yet so many other places fail to realize that sometimes that is all that it takes.

Luna Pizza in Stuart, Florida gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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