Luigi’s Pizza West Palm Beach, FL

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Luigi’s Pizza West Palm Beach, FL

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, I decided to go and try it out the other night with Herb and Jeremy.

While enjoying some drunk girl trying to give a pole dance on a light post outside (which usually makes a dining experience much nicer) we waited a bit for our server to arrive. When our server eventually came he was extremely nice, knowledgeable and pleasant. He took our drink orders and we began watching the show again. Times like this I wish I had some singles.

Luigi's by the way, contact me to get a new website, what you have is not gonna cut it.

Luigi's was done up very nice inside, even from our seats outside, you could notice the owners of this establishment tried to make it as nice as they could. When my pie came out it looked evenly prepared. The cheese:sauce ratio looked as it should, and it smelled extremely fresh. Like a lot of pies I have had in the West Palm Beach area, Luigi's Pizza managed to be overloaded with flour. This, I did not care for. When I took the first bite out of the pie, I was pleased with how nice the cheese tasted. Luigi's certainly did not cheap out on the quality there. The sauce left a lot to be desired though. It was quite acidic and didn't really win me over with taste. I was happy my pie wasn't overloaded with it. The crust was not the greatest I have tried, and I think it had a lot to do with the flour they were using. Luigi's, if you are going to use that much flour when cooking the pie, at least make it a quality flour so that the crust at least has a chance. What I did taste of the crust, under the sauce on top, actually tasted pretty decent.

All-in-all, I wasn't blown away with Luigi's and in my opinion I think they had all the makings for a good pie, but just failed to deliver on it on the night I went. It could have something to do with the hundreds of people gathered upstairs for a private party, but whatever the case was, I wish they would have put a bit more TLC into my pie.

Since I could see the potential....eventually, I hope, I will go back and try Luigi's again and hope they worked out their kinks by that point. Please note that although they are located directly next door to Pizza Girls, Luigi's doesn't have slices.

Luigi's Pizza in Downtown West Palm Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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