Luigi’s Pizza Brooklyn New York PERFECT SLICE Best Pizza

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Luigi’s Pizza Brooklyn New York PERFECT SLICE Best Pizza

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As many of my regular readers know, it is almost impossible to wow me lately.  Seems like every place is either trying to capitalize on the "coal fired" or "wood fired" craze, or trying to pretend they are "New York Style" pizza. So it has been relatively impossible to find a perfect slice of pizza so far this year.  Although many places have come close, there is usually something that manages to turn me off, and change my mind. Luigi's is not one of these places.  They had a perfect slice of pizza on this night.

We actually drove past Luigi's cause I couldn't believe that this tiny place was "all that". I had received about 6 emails from readers telling me that Luigi's Pizza was the best they have tasted in the United States.  Usually I dismiss these outlandish claims, since it sounds preposterous that some place I never heard of could be the absolute best. For some reason, one of the emails sounded so sincere and since I was meeting Adam Kuban from Slice at La Villa Pizza down the block, I figured I would take a chance and try it. When we circled back around my comrades suggested we at least go in and see if it tastes as dirty as it looked from the outside.

We walked in and were greeted with a huge smile from Gio behind the counter.  He didn't care I was taking pictures, and was making each pie like it was a piece of art. While we were watching, he offered us to taste a slice of the pizza we enquired about.  All we did was ask what kind of pizza it was, and he threw it in the oven and cut it up for us to taste. This pizza was one of the finest slices I have ever had.  It had some sort of home grown "secret" seasoning that he applied after the pie came out of he oven.

I finally revealed myself to Gio and told him that I couldn't believe I almost passed by and didn't come in.  As I was speaking with him, people from all over the country were walking in just to have a slice of pizza. Somehow people all the way from Tennessee knew about this place before I did.

We sampled the regular, the fresh mozz, and the Sicilian slices here.  All were amazing.  I couldn't find a thing wrong with the pizza here, and that is why I feel comfortable giving Luigi's a perfect 8 out of 8 slice ranking.  This is a must try place when you are in town.  Make sure to get a slice with the special seasoning. The cheese is top quality and the sauce is sweet, and evenly applied over this incredible crisp tasting crust.

Tell Gio you are a friend of ours, since he deservers to know where his fans come from.  Unlike many of the other neanderthal pizza owners, Gio is a well educated polished businessman.  He knows what it takes to make a successful business stay afloat.  He also knows how to make each and every customer feel like they are the only slice he is serving today.

I applaud you Luigi's! Keep it up!

Luigi's gets 8 out of 8 slices!

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