Luciano’s of Chicago Pizza Nassau Bahamas

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Luciano’s of Chicago Pizza Nassau Bahamas

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After trying some of the ridiculously overpriced pizza at The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, I told my wife, I am through eating at the hotel. I noticed on the way in, that Nassau had a Luciano's of Chicago Italian Restaurant near the bridge to Paradise Island, and I figured that would be a safe place to eat at. Even though I knew it was unlikely to find some quality Chicago style pizza in The Bahamas, I know the Luciano's in Chicago is decent, according to other friends accounts. It seemed like a safe gamble, as it probably couldn't be worse than the hotel food. I am sorry about the photo above, but since I didn't have a photo of the pizza, I thought you would enjoy seeing some stingray.

After getting dropped off at the front of Luciano's we walked down the long driveway and weren't sure if it was even open. Luciano's was dead during lunchtime. We walked in and were greeted, and led to a table outside with a magnificent view of The Atlantis. This was a postcard view, just gorgeous. They brought over some bread and we checked out the menu hoping there was some pizza.

Thankfully Luciano's of Chicago had pizza on the menu, I ordered a plain individual pie (the only way they come). While waiting for our food I mixed some cheese into the oil for the bread, and loved how they had fresh Parm cheese in a mini individual cheese grater. This was a nice touch! We began speaking with the two lovely looking Bahamian native ladies who came to eat next to us. Seemed appropriate since we were the only four people eating. It is Bahamian's like these two ladies who should be ambassadors to the tourists coming in. They were so nice and knowledgeable, one even has a shop on Paradise Island in the Marketplace by The Atlantis which sells Juicy Couture. Just thought I would give her a plug here since she was so helpful and kind. Here store is Will & Ives.

When my pizza arrived, it immediately became evident that something wasn't right. I apologize for not having the photo of what was own my plate, but we forgot the camera at the hotel. The pizza looked nice, but there was some uncooked cheese on the pie, while the crust was quite well done. This usually tells me that they cooked it once, and then tried to cook the pizza again while trying not to burn the crust. Hence the uncooked cheese on top of the bottom layer of the original cheese. Since we don't have the visual, I will try to explain it. You know the places you go to and get meatballs on your pizza, and they put some new cheese on top of the meatballs, but it remains a bit stringy? That is what this pizza was like.

When I took my first bite, I was extremely impressed with how good the crust tasted. It was oily, crispy and had a really nice taste to it. But, while chewing the pizza is when I discovered the taste of some sort of pepperoni and sausage. This taste shouldn't be on a plain pie. Ahhhh.....could this be the reason for the cover up? Could it be, that Luciano's of Chicago in Nassau, Bahamas, messed up my order and gave me toppings on my pizza, and when the server discovered it, they were too lazy and cheap to make a new pizza for me? So instead they peeled off the meat and put some new cheese on the pie to try to cover it, and placed it back in the oven hoping I would be an unaware fool and miss their mistake? Apparantly, because when I told the waiter what they had done, he didn't seem surprised and said he would go speak to the chef to see what they can do. I knew what they could do, they could make me a new pizza!

So, not only was my pizza wrong, but since they waited to try to cook over the evidence, my wife's food also got a bit cold before they brought it out. She didn't want to send it back though, and just ate it reluctantly.

When the new pie came out, it wasn't cooked nearly as good as the previous one, and the crust was a bit undercooked. Honestly, I couldn't even finish half of it, as I just didn't care for the overall taste. In my opinion Luciano's should have provided me with a better pizza.

The manager came over and apologized for what happened, and asked if it was ok now. I told him no, and that I was upset that my wife had to eat alone and now I am eating alone since they made an apparent error. He apologized again and walked away. I figured there would be something taken off the bill for the troubles we encountered at Luciano's of Chicago, but nope. When the bill came it was full price. Terrible management in my opinion, and I guess they just figure that tourists are dispensable and it ultimately won't matter. Well that was until I came in. In my opinion, I wouldn't go back to Luciano's, since the management does not know customer service. Hope the full price for your error was worth it guys.

Luciano's Of Chicago Pizza on Nassau, in the Bahamas gets 2 out of 8 slices.

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