Lucali Pizza Miami Beach, FL

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Lucali Pizza Miami Beach, FL

Posted By: Mad Greek
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The infrequency of pizza reviews is by no means an indication of my lack of desire for one of life's most simple and delicious pleasures.

What makes my return to the peel that much more appealing was my trip to Lucali in Miami with great friends and pizza guru Steven Shmookler.

Let's get straight to the review.


Lucali Pizza in South Beach is an 8 out of 8 and a near replicant of the perfecto in Brooklyn's own Caroll Gardens institution. But I know once edited, Pizza Expert will change it to 7 out of 8 since in his previous review of Lucali, he didn't seem as impressed to call it perfect. So since he gives it a 6 and I give it an 8, I am guessing a 7 will be the rating.


A rare occurrence indeed is the transient redux of New York pizza to cities and places of a lesser pizza g-d, but in this case, Lucali Miami Beach is the quintessential mini me.


Tonight's pull down was a two pie feast with a Nutella pizza to finish for desert. The escarole salad was a refreshing crisp prelude to the best pizza I've eaten in a good year or so.


The traditional 18" quickly disappeared, followed by another, a spicy variant with pepperoni that did question the use of jalapeño peppers as opposed to a more traditional red cherry pepper with medium heat. The little green devils, while great balancing tools for sashimi to sliders seemed well out if place on such a masterpiece of a pie. I have to pull back to a 6 of 8 for this particular pie experience, leaving a solid perfecto for the entre, salad and desert.


I'm sure sad sack Floridians who have long suffered the indignation of hosting home to some of the most tasteless pizza, can now proudly have their middle finger hoisted high in the face of that NYC attitude that once joked "Florida pizza sucks." Apparently no so any more. So much for the water.

Lucali Pizza in Miami Beach (South Beach) gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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