Lou Malnati’s a Taste of Chicago Style Pizza Delivered

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Lou Malnati’s a Taste of Chicago Style Pizza Delivered

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Lou Malnati'sWhile I truly love New York Style Pizza, I do also like anything with sauce and cheese.  So for the holidays Mrs. Pizza bought me a special delivery.  2 pizzas arrived via Fedex from Lou Malnati's.  I was so excited I called Pizza Expert who came over with his family to investigate.  The pizzas came frozen, packaged in disposable pans.  We baked them for about 45 minutes.

One had cheese and one pepperoni.  The picture shows the cheese pie fully cooked.  Unknown to me, Chicago pizza is prepared with the cheese placed on the dough first, with the sauce on top.  I usually prefer this "upside down" style on my NY style sicilian pizza, so I was excited.

I have to say the pizza was DELICIOUS.  The crust was unusual compared to a NY style pie, but it wasn't heavy or leaden.  And although buttery, the crust did not taste like a biscuit.  It was the perfect strength to support the heavy toppings.  This is pizza that needs a knife and fork, it can't be picked up like a slice of NY style (think Apple Pie).  The sauce was great, flavorful and not to spicy.   The cheese was stretchy, gooey and generous, even though you can't see it in the picture (remember, its under the sauce).   I have never liked Chicago style pizza, but my only exposure to it had been the chains.  This pie was different.  It was unanimous, everyone liked it.  It won't replace my usual pie because it is expensive and needs to be ordered with some planning or forethought.  I will however look forward to ordering it again. 7 of 8 slices.

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