Lombardi’s Pizza New York City First Pizza

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Lombardi’s Pizza New York City First Pizza

Posted By: Big G
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lombardispizza1lombardisThis review got me into a bit of a disagreement with worstpizza's own Pizza Expert.  When I said we were going to Lombardi's, I was told not to bother.  I said the first pizzeria of NYC can not simply be surpassed because it was already reviewed by one of the team.  I went with 2 longtime friends and Pizza snobs.  We had a 10 minute wait but we were at the bar, so who really cares when you have have a cocktail to get the taste buds prepared for some pizza tasting.

We ordered 3 full sized pizzas. A regular and Sausage / Peperoni and a Pizza with onions and green peppers.  I do not like green peppers but the regular was very good and the sausage that was used was just about the best I ever had on a pizza.  I would have given this a higher rating until I went to Totonno's Pizza the next day.

Lombardi's put us in the basement that was a bit tight, but the waiter was a great guy who was at the top of his game.  Everyone at the table enjoyed the meal and I really never felt like we were at an overly hyped tourist trap.  The plaque on the wall outside was pretty cool and said  it was a landmark and in the Pizza Hall of Fame.

lombardis-menu3There are lots of very good pizza joints downtown and I feel that Lombardi's is definitely better then average but not nearly as great as all of the other sites say it is.

I give it 6 slices out of 8, only because of the competition and location.  If Lombardi's was in South FL. it would be a 7 - 7 1/2.  Do not visit Lombardi's to eat the best pizza you ever had, but go because it is a historic pizzeria that serves good pizza with a nice staff.

Now you can all disagree.  My decision stands.

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