Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Bayside Miami

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Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Bayside Miami

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and pick out a restaurant.  Bayside has plenty to choose from so I figured it was a safe bet, and if all else failed we could end up eating the crap at hooters while trying to enjoy the view.

We wandered around a little bit and I noticed a place I had personally never seen before, towards the deader section of the mainly outdoor shopping center. Lombardi's was pretty empty on this lovely afternoon so we almost decided to try somewhere else, in fear it sucked enough to keep others away. Since none of us felt like waiting, and the kids started complaining, we ended up getting seated inside.  We were the only table inside this restaurant.

I ordered a plain pie, with no basil. As you can guess when they brought the pizza, it had basil.  Since I was quite hungry I figured I would just pick it off, but one of the kids said "hey you said no basil", and the waiter heard this and took the pizza away, only to show up a few minutes later with a new pizza without the basil.  It was quite accommodating of him to do this without me asking. Honestly, I wasn't going to make a stink.....this time.

I asked him to make the pie well done as he took the basil covered one away, and he said ok to me, which means he acknowledged the fact that the other one seemed undercooked.  When this new pie arrived, it was definitely not well done, and it was pretty soggy in fact. My first bite wasn't anything fabulous. It had way too much flour, which drizzled off the pie as I picked it up.  After removing the slice from my mouth, I had felt like one of the characters in the movie Scarface, with powder everywhere. The cheese was actually decent though, and it tasted nice applied lightly underneath it. The sauce itself was sweet and smooth, but could have been just a bit sweeter.

In my opinion, I don't think I will run back to Lombardi's to try their pizza.  There are just too many other amazing places to choose from instead of going out of my way to eat here.  After finding parking, and dealing with the crowds haggling to get cheaper prices then already charged, it just doesn't seem worth it.

Lombardi's gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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