LOLA Pizza or Wood Roasted Flatbread Delray Beach, FL

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LOLA Pizza or Wood Roasted Flatbread Delray Beach, FL

Posted By: gman
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Haven't traveled back to South Florida for a few months, and when I went up to try one of my old favorite places Gotham, I realized it had changed names and was now called LOLA. LOLA is owned by the same lady who owns Cucina Mio in the same shopping center.  Cucina Mio used to be called Cucina Rosano, and it has consistently been one of the better Italian joints around town.

We ordered a Lobster and Shrimp Fire Roasted Flatbread.  I guess this is the new word for pizza in the fancy places. It had — MAINE LOBSTER, ROCK SHRIMP, ROASTED PEPPERS, MANCHEGO, PABLANO AIOLI.  I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never personally eaten something called "flatbread" before.  I have had thin pizza (looked similar) but was curious just the same to check out what this new flatbread fad was about.

It arrived out of the wood burning oven pretty quick.  Excuse my dark photo, but I didn't have my iPhone 4 with a flash until this week. The photo doesn't really do it justice, but it looked great, and the cheese was bubbling.  This pizza was kinda great.  For being so thin, it was really crispy. I expected the heavy toppings to cause the square slice to flop over.  Not the case! The crust held up perfectly, and when bit into...still crunched in your mouth.

Most of the seafood toppings were extremely fresh and tasted great on the pie. I didn't necessarily care for the taste of the lobster though. The lobster didn't taste as good as a fresh lobster should have tasted.  Maybe it was just a bad day, and it certainly will not prevent me from coming back.

I am not going to make this review too in depth since it was just a little flatbread pizza with some cheese and seafood, but you get the idea I hope :-) I will go back and check it out again without the seafood.

Lola in Delray Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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