Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

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Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

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Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach
Slices from Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach, Florida

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review. You ever walk into a pizza joint in a somewhat decrepit shopping center that smells great, is busy and even has terrible air conditioning with high hopes, since it has all the makings to be great, and take a bite and just shake your head with wonder as you were expecting it to be great? That is what happened to us while driving through Pompano Beach, FL recently.

Outside of Little Italian Pizza in Pompano

We had no intention on getting pizza on our ride to another store in Pompano Beach, FL. As we passed by Cafe La Buca I started to crave pizza and as I turned my head to this somewhat run down shopping plaza to my left, I noticed they actually had a pizzeria in there. At first, I wasn’t going to turn around to try it since I wasn’t sure I liked the plaza, but then I thought to myself, we are here, and we have an obligation to our readers to try each pizzeria we see. So we pulled into the plaza and headed towards the door. Upon opening the door it smelled fantastic. We started salivating thinking how good it must be. The place seemed filled with locals, including some Broward Sheriff Deputies and some cute senior women who were enjoying meatball heros (subs, hoagies, or whatever the heck you call them). It took a little while but eventually someone came to the counter to ask us what we wanted. He didn’t seem too rude but rather just busy. We ordered a couple of regular slices ($3 each), wings ($11.95 and not recommended in our opinion, but we don’t review wings), and mozzarella sticks. We waited outside since it was a little tight in there and hot!

Pizza at Little Italian in Pompano

Even when the pizza came out it looked great. The slices were oily, the way I was hoping, crispy and smelled delicious. I noticed the mozzarella sticks didn’t come but the guy behind the counter (I am guessing the owner) said he didn’t hear me request them. I won’t hold it against them since it was loud in there and I had a mask on. I stepped outside and couldn’t wait to bite into this pizza.

Crisp Pizza at Little Italian Pizzeria in Pompano Beach

I folded the slice, heard the crunch of the perfectly cooked crust and took my first bite. It was hot and crisp, the crust tasted great. What didn’t taste great was the sauce. Since it might have needed to cool down a bit, I waited to take my second bite. But my second bite was underwhelming as well. So I put that slice down and tried the other to see if maybe it might have been in a different part of the oven, which is a rotating version they use. The second slice was equally sadly just blah. Nothing wrong with it, just nothing amazing about it.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

Little Italian Pompano Beach Pizza Sauce

Since I wasn’t really loving the slices, it was best to start dissecting them. Here is an example of the type of sauce our readers know we don’t like. We don’t like the peel or the skin in our sauce. We like it smooth.

Pizza Little Italian Pompano Beach

Here is another photo to show how good the pie looked. As you can see, Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach makes a really good looking pie. I watched the few pizza guys slinging their pies and they all put care into what they were making. They actually had 2-3 guys making the pies since they were so busy. Maybe I just got a couple of their average slices, but in my opinion, their sauce could use a little bit of changing, and then they might have a much better tasting pie. The crust was very good here. It was thin and tasty. The cheese didn’t seem like an expensive blend but maybe it is because I didn’t love the sauce underneath it.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

One thing I know about Little Italian Pizza is that the owner (I think the guy who took my order) take pride in the food he serves. Many of the dishes and heros I saw the other customers enjoying (it was hot so they must really like to eat there) looked really good. We will probably go back there again to try a fresh pie and see if we should review the place again. They have been in business since 2008 so they must appeal to the local community and the local community would probably stop going if they didn’t consistently find it good. Their pricing is fair as well so I can see why people might return for the pizza I tasted. Not many other good places nearby that serves a thin style slice like this.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach, FL gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit. We will be going back in hopes we can give it a higher rating. In the meantime, you shouldn’t avoid this place if you are nearby.

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