Lazzaras Pizza Thin Crust In New York City

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Lazzaras Pizza Thin Crust In New York City

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on 221 West 38th Street, NYC (212) 944-7792 is located on the 2nd floor of a building. A building with a very dangerous entrance Thankfully I didn't go when there was ice, but I am pretty certain I could have eaten the street as well as the pizza if I took one misstep.

Lazzaras Pizza is known for their thin crust pizza. As we were walking throughout the city Big G mentioned that he once knew a place around the garment district that had some pretty good pies. Herb and I once again learned never to doubt Big G's memory. He led us right to the doorstep of this place. We headed up to the second floor and sat down in this small, yet quaint restaurant. Seeing the pizza as we were seated, made me start to crave it. The pizza reminded me of Pizza Supreme, which I really enjoy, so I was anxious to get a pie in the oven.

We ordered 2 pies, one with meatball and one plain. They didn't take too long to cook and when they came out, I couldn't thank Big G enough. These pizzas were delicious. The cheese was ultra fresh, and the sauce had a nice sweet taste. It was the crust that stood out most. The crust was perfectly crisp and tasted pretty damn good. Should I be around this area again, I will be sure to go and try the pizza again. Just be warned about the steps...they are quite steep and not properly spaced.

I will give Lazzaras Pizza in New York City 7 out of 8 slices.

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