Lazzara’s Pizza Tasted By Another Expert

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Lazzara’s Pizza Tasted By Another Expert

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lazzaraspizza.jpgOn advice of friends, include PizzaExpert, my wife and I went to Lazzarra's during our last trip to New York.  Lazzara's Pizza is located on 221 w 38th Street, on the second floor (212) 944-7792.

Excuse the photo, but it was pretty dark in there and this was the best I could do. Here are my thoughts on Pizza.  I'm glad I checked out this place, but it's
not going on my favorite list.  Lazzara's serves these rectangular pies that make you think
you'll get a sicillian slice, and then the crust disappoints.  The pizza is similar in style to the slices found at Pizza Supreme in Garden City.

It's not crisp enough to give a bite, so it winds up being too mushy, except for the edges. The edges are fantastic, because the crust is crispy enough.  Cut out the middle (and bake into pizza rolls?), and you'd have something worth mentioning.  The rectangular pie was cut into six slices, and it really is the perfect amount for two people.  I didn't feel stuffed, but I certainly had plenty to eat.  The crust has the folded-up sides that make you think of that food they cook in Chicago, and it might therefore benefit from toppings.  Their menu listed topping combinations that sounded fantastic, but the pure tasting revolves around the cheese pie.  I might go back some
day to see if this theory is true.

It's not far from work, though I doubt I'd ever make much of an effort to go there.  It's an interesting novelty pizza, but I would hardly rate it among the best in the city.  Perhaps it
stands out for being different.  They did have diet Dr. Pepper, and Barqs. The service was good, but the servers made us sit by the door so they wouldn't have to break apart a set of tables that could seat six, and that remained empty the entire time we were there.  The let another couple sit at similar tables that became available while we ate.  The pizza was better than most, 6 of 8 slices.

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