La Villa Pizza Restaurant Park Slope Brooklyn

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La Villa Pizza Restaurant Park Slope Brooklyn

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lavillapizza.jpgvillapizza.jpgWe met up with Adam from Slice and enjoyed some upside down Sicilian pizza with him the other week.  Adam suggested we go to La Villa Pizza since it was close by to him, and out of all the other places we were going to try this seemed most convenient.  I was quite anxious to meet Adam after all this time.  We run two of the largest pizza review sites in the world, and it seemed only fitting that we finally shared a slice or two together.

La Villa was pretty crowded, considering the time of the evening it was. Adam was not what I expected.  From one of the twitter photos I had seen of him, I thought he was this round guy, with a bushy beard.  Turns out he is a rather svelt guy...with a bushy beard.  We were seated towards the rear of the restaurant and after what seemed to be 1/2 hour, a waiter finally came to the table to take our order. For a while there, we all thought that nobody realized we were seated there, even though it is where the server put us.

We ordered a Sicilian Pie and a Regular Pie. I was kind of full already from the other pizza we ate, so when they came I only had a slice of the Sicilian style slice. La Villa Pizza was no joke when it came to their pie. The sauce was sweet and without chunks. The cheese was of the finest quality and melted in my mouth as I took my first bite. The crust made a beautiful sound and my teeth bit into the crisp bottom.  The inner dough was soft and absorbed the cheese & sauce into a flavorful cornucopia. It was easy to taste the fruitful olive oil that they must have put on the top when the pie was done.

Overall I think La Villa is a place worth visiting if you are in the area.  Best part, it is in walking distance to Luigi's Pizza!

La Villa Pizza in Park Slope gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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