La Prima Pizza Boca Raton Or Is It Pixxa

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La Prima Pizza Boca Raton Or Is It Pixxa

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Since everyone abandoned me for lunch today, I hopped into my car and started to drive aimlessly.  Along my journey I recalled a place I once noticed driving by, but never stopped because the shopping center looked rancid.  Recently, it appeared that the pizza place did a little remodeling so I stopped in.

La Prima Pizza is located on Federal Highway just north of Jeffrey Street in Boca Raton.  It is in the shopping center where the Neighborhood Coffee place USED to be.  Odds are many of our readers have never even noticed this place, and if they are in any way like me, they drove past it without even giving it a second look.

La Prima Pizza only has a few tables inside and this seems to be more of a take out / delivery type of establishment.  Anyways, I ordered the 2 slice and soda special and waited.  The pizza guy behind the counter asked me twice if I wanted a fork and knife which seemed odd since I usually never eat my pizza with utensils.  The pizza was ok, and I will not complain too much about it.  The crust was pretty crisp while maintaining not to be burnt.  The cheese seemed a bit on the cheap part.  If I was La Prima Pizza, I would switch to Grande Cheese.  There wasn't too much sauce piled on the slice as well, which wins points with me.

I find it odd that La Prima Pizza would purposely spell their name like pixxa on their menu.  It appears to me that is says La Prima Pixxa and not Pizza.  Someone should have proofed the font before printing.  La Prima does not have a vast array of choices on their menu.  You either get pizza, salads, subs or Calzones & Stromboli.  Two of the things I find peculiar about this place is that 1.  They do not offer meatballs as a topping but they offer it as a sub, and offer Tuna and other crap instead.  2.  They put a Brazilian Flag on their promo card.  I thought the Italians are known for pizza, and didn't realize by placing a Brazilian Flag on their promotional materials would make people think that they are better then the rest.

I will give La Prima Pizza in Boca Raton 4 out of 8 slices, and I will be back to try it again soon to see if I missed anything....which I doubt.

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