La Pizza Boca Raton – Great Crust

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La Pizza Boca Raton – Great Crust

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La PizzaOur second stop on the mini Boca Raton pizza tour, took us to La Pizza in Boca Raton. Located at 134 NE 2nd St (561) 353-1182, it is right near Mizner Park. Please excuse the photo of the slice cut in half, but in order to keep room for our tour, we had to start splitting slices.

I have some acquaintances that swear by La Pizza, so it was certainly a place I wanted to go. After hearing some folks around town say "I am from New York, and I know good pizza, and this place is just as good as back home", it seemed like it could have potential.

The smell in La Pizza when we first arrived was very inviting. The staff greeted us with a smile, and we ordered a regular slice. I gotta tell you, the crust here is pretty amazing. It had some char spots on it, and really tasted great. Some of the best crust I have had recently in South Florida. The cheese was pretty good too. The sauce wasn't anything amazing, so I was happy they used it sparingly. Quite sparingly actually, so the cheese:sauce ratio definitely leaning in favor of more cheese. My son actually couldn't stop saying how much he liked the crust here.

This is far from being New York pizza people, so if you hear any guys talking with their deeply acquired New York accents (ever notice how people from New York's accents get worse when they get here, compared to how they talked back home?) saying how authentic this is, you do not need to rush out and listen to them Listen to me, I am the expert! It is very good for a pizza Boca, but is not as good as most pizza in New York. For those that claim that I am wrong, I suggest they go back home and try a slice or two again.

I will give La Pizza 5 out of 8 slices, and cannot wait to go back and try it again.

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