La Pizza Boca Raton Closes

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La Pizza Boca Raton Closes

Posted By: Pizza Expert
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We are just receiving word that La Pizza in Boca Raton, right next to Mizner Park has closed.  After some unfortunate family issues, we guess the owner couldn't handle it anymore.  I have to tell you, we are deeply sorry to see this place goes. This was one of the better mom and pop places around the area, and had a loyal local following.  Guess the immediate local crowd was supportive enough though.

From our previous review, you can see we thought they made exceptional crust here.  We even gave them a 5 out of 8. The place was so quaint inside, and when you walked in they smiled and made you feel at home. Boca has lost out on one of the good guys.  We hope to see him again soon, and reopen once things straighten out for him!  This is not the type of pizza place that should have gone out of business.  Come on people, step up and reward your local pizzeria, instead of ordering that cardboard crap. wishes you luck Pino!

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