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La Piazza Pizza Plainview NY

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lapiazza.jpglapiazza.jpgUpon landing at JFK airport last month, I was picked up by a friend of a friend.  I asked this friend of a friend named Joe if he wouldn't mind stopping to get some pizza with me, since I was starving.  Joe had no problem with it and asked me which place I wanted to eat.  Since I am not too familiar with the JFK surroundings I asked him for a choice.  He told me there was some phenomenal pizza at a place by their office in Plainview, Long Island that I should try called La Piazza.

I giggled, since I used to frequent that place a lot when I lived nearby it.  We didn't end up going to La Piazza, and instead went to Pizza Supreme in Garden City.  I did however, go to La Piazza the next day with my Mother-In-Law.

lapiazza_plainview.jpgIMG_2941We walked in and were quickly asked what we wanted to eat.  I didn't even have a chance to scan the counter before the help seemed to get ticked off that I was taking so long.  I ordered 1 regular and 1 Sicilian slice.  The slices came out and I sat myself down in their little seating area.

After a brief wait at the table I noticed the guy putting my order on the counter top.  I walked up to get it, and instantly noticed how burnt the pizza was.  I showed the pizza guy how awful both slices looked (trust me the photos do not do any justice with this) and he shrugged his shoulders at me and told me there was nothing wrong with these slices, "they are cooked fine."  So I asked him if this is how they cook all their slices, and if they purposely do not clean their ovens, which usually cause these type of burn spots.  He proceeded to tell me that these slices were fine and to enjoy.

Upon taking my first bite of the pizza, it was inedible.  Immediately I took the slices back to the guy and told them that they were awful.  Once again he told me "these slices are fine, what yous want another slices?"  Yes I wanted another "slices", or my money back I told him.  Eventually he threw in another two slices and reluctantly handed them to me.

Even though I already had a terrible taste in my mouth, from some amateur questioning if the Pizza Expert knew what burnt pizza was, these two slices were decent.  The Sicilian was much better than the regular though.  Once tasted non-burnt, both the regular and Sicilian slices had a nice tasting crust.  The cheese on both was above par quality, but the sauce here was a bit un-tasty.  Honestly cannot understand what all the hype is about this place, and unless someone specifically invited me to eat here again, I am not sure I would drive even a block out of my way to eat a slice here again.  Based upon how busy this place usually is anyways, I am not sure people will even care that I feel this way about La Piazza.  But if they think burnt pizza at La Piazza is a delicacy to brag about....then I really don't give a crap what they think about my reviews anyways.  They have no taste to begin with.

CLEAN YOUR OVENS LA PIAZZA.  Maybe the busy bodies who eat there every weekend don't care, since they are more concerned with being seen, but pizza lovers can tell.

La Piazza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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  • 1137 Old Country Rd # A Plainview, NY 11803-5019