La Bella Vita Pizza Delray Beach

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La Bella Vita Pizza Delray Beach

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La Bella Vita PizzaI have found Tony, from Tony's Authentic Brooklyn Pizza.  And man am I happy I did.

The other night I was heading to poker night and decided to meet Jim for a fast bite to eat, in case Big G was making something exotic again that I don't eat.  During the week, I was out to lunch at Jack's NY Pizza in Delray Beach, when someone there mentioned I should also try the place directly across the street.  So I suggested to Jim that we go and try this new place, which happened to be called La Bella Vita.

When Jim and I sat down, we immediately notice that the pizza on the counter wasn't covered or protected from anyone walking by and touching it.  The pizza also looked terribly old and stale.  The waitress on the other hand was far from terrible and stale, she was super outgoing and utterly friendly.  We started off with some garlic knots (or as they spell them on the menu garlic knotts), which kind of sucked, and tasted stale as well.  The waitress explained the owner of La Bella Vita was a baker and that the bread and dough at this place were incredible.  Based on the garlic knots, I kind of thought she was in la la land.

When the pizza came out, we were disappointed to say the least.  The whole slice just tasted kind of stale, with a bland taste to it.  The sauce seemed very watery and tasteless honestly.  Just when I was about to think this place had nothing decent to offer, I heard a voice behind me.  A voice I would know anywhere.  A voice that says "I make the best pizza", and voice that could belong to none other then Tony, originally from Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Boca Raton, and then of Tony's Authentic Brooklyn Pizza in Boca Raton as well.  Yes I have finally found Tony!

When I turned around, he looked at me for a second and squinted.  He didn't even need those ugly reading glasses he sometimes wears to notice it was me, and immediately came over to the table to say hi.  After sitting with us for a while and reminiscing, he told me that he would personally make me the pizzas if I came back.  I whipped out the iPhone and picked a date, and he offered to make me my favorite kind of pizza.....Upside Down Siclian!

So I gathered Walt, Eric, and Leonardo, and we headed over there for lunch. When we arrived, Tony had 1 Upside Down Sicilian Pizza waiting for us, and 1 Regular Sicilian pie.

La Bella Vita SicilianLeonardo, was of course late, so we started without him.  I first grabbed a slice of the Upside Down to check it out while it was still hot.  It tasted excellent.  The sauce was signature Tony style, and the cheese tasted pretty damn good below it.The dough still wasn't what I had remembered it to be like, and almost tasted bready in the center.  Otherwise I think I devoured at least another slice or two.

After trying the Upside Down Sicilian, I grabbed my first Sicilian before Leonardo (who finally arrived) got his over sized hands on the pie.  The regular Sicilian tasted great as well.  This pie reminded me exactly of the pie he used to make at Brooklyn Boys Pizza.  The dough was a bit bready as well on this pie, but the outside crust was magnificent.  When I asked the others with me what they thought, all 3 agreed these could be two of the best pies they have had in Delray Beach.  Hooray for Tony!

la bella vita pizza sicilianla bella vita pizza red siciliansicilian pizza

We would all give La Bella Vita 6 out of 8 slices, and are looking forward to eating there again and again when Tony is making the Pizza.  After seeing the new owner (who happens to be a nice guy who treats his customers right) fire someone the other day while we were eating there, I don't want to say anything directly bad about his pizza (LOL) but perhpas he should bring Tony out of the kitchen and let him make the pies!!!

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  • 5068 W Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33484.