Kroger Welcome @ Home Fresh Pizza

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Kroger Welcome @ Home Fresh Pizza

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Lots of pizza places will let you ‘double up’ on toppings, for a price. You’ll see places that offer “double cheese”, or “double meat.” At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll see places that limit the number of toppings, saying their pies aren’t meant for more than that.

So where can you go if you want quadruple toppings? Other than a four cheese, which isn’t really four times as much, just quarter portions of each topping.

Kroger "Welcome @ Home" Fresh Pizza

Today I was in the mood for quadruple pepperoni. So I hit my neighborhood Fred Meyer (Kroger) store, and perused the deli counter selection of “Welcome @ Home” fresh pizzas. They are priced out at $8.99 for all varieties, and weighed in at 38 ounces, or .23 per ounce, a good value in fresh/frozen pizzas.

The box instructs a 12-15 minute bake, and that freshness is guaranteed up until one day past the “sell by” date.

The crust is of a medium thickness, and toppings appear ample. Pic is of uncooked pie, still shrink-wrapped.

After the 12 minute mark, the pie appears to be fully-cooked (below), and prior to eating, I added another layer of Hormel Pepperoni, and Tillamook Mozzarella, to complete my “quadruple pepp” pizza!

The sauce and cheese are non-offensive, the crust chewy inside, crispy outside, with a slight cornmeal dusting and taste.

It’s a good value for a family meal at the price, and occasionally you will find them with another dollar or two knocked off.

Kroger Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices. You can follow me on Twitter @burgerdogboy



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