Kona Grill Pizza City Place WPB

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Kona Grill Pizza City Place WPB

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My uncle was nice enough to take the family and I to City Place the other day for dinner at the Kona Grill.  Although not known for their pizza, I noticed that it was on their menu, and decided to give it a try.

When the pizza came out, I have to confess, I thought it actually looked good.  The cheese was still bubbling, and I could see some oil floating around.  And my first bite of the tip, wasn't too bad either.  Things went down hill from that.  The cheese taste good, but my issue was with their sauce.  Although they do not use an abundance of sauce on the pizza, what they did use tasted horrible.  And in each bite I could taste what appeared to be little piece of onions which make that annoying sound when you bite into them.  You guys know what I mean, you hear the bite in your ears.  This is not something I was prepared for.

Kona Grill should smooth out their sauce and make it a bit tastier, if they want me to come back and try it again.  The crust wasn't too bad, but wasn't too good either.  Just for kicks I asked my son to try a slice while it was hot, and he took a small bite and said this isn't bad.  Then he continued and thought it was awful.  So, him and I finally agreed on something for a change.

Kona Grill in City Place, West Palm Beach, gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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