Joseph’s Classic Market Pizza Boca Raton

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Joseph’s Classic Market Pizza Boca Raton

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josephs.jpgjosephs_italian.jpgA new Italian market opened up in Boca Raton at the Boca Center, occupying the space where Bombay Kids used to be. Known as Josephs Classic Italian Market, they have a variety of freshly prepared foods and even a pizza oven. If Bombay Kids would have sold pizza they probably would have had a better chance of serving one that I would like.

The pizza was on special the day we went, and if I recall correctly it was like the price of 2 slices, to get an entire pie.  So we ordered the pie and proceeded to look around the market while we waited.  The food all looked scrumptious, including the desserts.  I refrained from all the sweets, so that I could make sure I had room for a slice or two.

When the pie came out of the oven, we started our journey to the cash register to pay.  What is odd about the layout of Joseph's is that they exit you almost at the furthest end of the store, from where the parking lot is.  This was not very well thought out.  Speaking of things that were not well thought out, we might as well discuss the seating.  We hoped to eat our pizza inside the store, so we had a chance of not sweating like Hugh Grant driving through a red light district.  No such luck for us though!  Joseph's only has outdoor seating, and since it was just about 96 degrees outside, with 100% humidity the day we went there, the food naturally seemed destined to suck.

We opened the pie to see this mess, as you can be attested to by just checking out the photo above again.  Let me point out...we got the pie, held it straight and brought it to our table outside in the desert heat.  There was no shaking the pie, there was no holding it lopsided, there was no movement whatsoever.  This pie just fell apart sitting in the box.  The crust was extremely under cooked, the sauce was put on abundantly and causing everything to slide, and the cheese just tasted like pure crap.  It was almost hard for me to eat the pizza, after looking at it.  Wasn't sure if I should throw up, or if someone already did on the pizza to make it look like it did.

The crust didn't taste good at all, the sauce was almost awful enough to be one of the worst I have eaten, and the cheese continued to slide off the pie whenever I tried to eat it, so not really sure I could even comment on the cheese.  All-in-all it was a terrible experience at Joseph's and I would never go back to try another slice, or pie here again.  Way too many other places around the area that serve quality pizza, not worth dealing with this so called pizza.

Joseph's Classic Market gets 1 out of 8 slices

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