John’s Pizza Bleeker Street NYC

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John’s Pizza Bleeker Street NYC

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johns-pizza-bleekerJohn’s Pizza on Bleeker street in NYC is rightfully famous.  It’s story is the story of pizza in New York, and therefore the United States.  However, I have long ago given up on their pizza in favor of some, in my opinion, better places.

Now that I write for Worst Pizza I decided to take Mrs. Pizza on a pizza history tour of New York, and decided to once again try John’s.  It must have been 15 years since stepping foot in the place, but it looked the same.  Upon my first bite, I remember why I had stopped coming here.  Tasteless.  The crust was just tasteless.  Their cheese was decent, but the sauce wasn't anything that could possibly propel them to the top.  I have once heard John’s reduced to the best pizza in the Village, but no, there are better.  Much better.  Don’t believe the hype.  John’s gets 3 of 8 slices.

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