ITALY Pizza in City Place, West Palm Beach

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ITALY Pizza in City Place, West Palm Beach

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While walking around City Place we noticed that the gelato place near the fountains had a menu. Maybe during previous visits to this West Palm Beach shopping center I missed that they served pizza here, but I have a hunch it was only recently added to the menu. The name of the place was now ITALY Fast Quality Food.

We walked inside ITALY in City Place and were seated at a table that was rather tightly squeezed in, and with our luck there was a crying baby next to it. We literally could touch elbows with the couple next to us on both sides.


I ordered a plain pizza and my wife got some sort of salad. While waiting for the pizza to arrive I had the time to look at other peoples pies that arrived along the way. None of them impressed me fully but the cheese did look appetizing.

My pizza arrived, and took longer than a pie cooked in a wood oven should take so I am assuming they do not use a wood burning oven and instead a regular brick oven. After lifting up the slice I noticed the screen markings on the bottom which is never used in a wood burning oven so this further verified they used just a basic oven. Hopefully I am wrong, but I didn't get to go back in the kitchen.

My first bite revealed a nice sweet sauce. It was surprising to me since I wasn't sure I would like it when the pizza first arrived. The fresh mozzarella cheese was definitely fresh and tasted like a nice quality. The crust was average but quite undercooked. Usually a Neapolitan pizza comes out cooked this way but those are usually baked in a hot wood oven. So honestly, in my opinion I am not sure what they were shooting for here. Totally confused by the pizza.

With that being said, the sauce and cheese combination was decent enough that I would go back.

ITALY in City Place, West Palm Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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