Il Mulino Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Il Mulino Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Let me backtack a second and give you all some information on Il Mulino.  My family and I stumbled upon this place about 7 years ago when we were trying to find some food while coming home from Fort Lauderdale Airport.  Unlike New York, things seem to close REALLY REALLY early around here, so finding a decent place after 10pm on a weeknight could be difficult.  There is always Denny's, but sometimes I would rather starve then put myself through that experience.  So while driving North on Federal Highway we saw a place on the east side that had neon lights still on, and even though it looked closed since the windows are tinted too much, we decided to see what this place was about.

After having what could be described as one of the most amazing experiences with a wait staff, we decided that Il Mulino was a place we would start to frequent.  Now, anytime we are in the area, we naturally go to eat there.  Gus came down to visit recently, and we took him there.

The pizza was great, just like everything there.  The crust tasted crispy and freshly made, the cheese, was superb and it had the prefect amount of sauce.  The luxurious olive oil they put on the crust before baking made a world of difference.  I could have done without the big globs of basil on the top of the pizza, but all in all, after spending about 10 minutes peeling them all off, I still enjoyed this pizza immensely.

I will give Il Mulino in Fort Lauderdale 6 out of 8 slices, and recommend this place to anyone who is looking for some excellent food, in a casual setting, with the most attentive & courteous wait staff in Florida.

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