IL Bellagio Italian Restaurant Pizza West Palm Beach, FL

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IL Bellagio Italian Restaurant Pizza West Palm Beach, FL

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Many times we've eaten at Il Bellagio Restaurant in City Place, and many times we have enjoyed our Italian dishes. Being that we usually go to this restaurant and sit a wonderful view of the fountains with other couples, I usually got pasta and skipped the pizza I have noticed on the menu. Things were about to change today.

Went for lunch with a close friend of mine and since we were in a bit of the rush (since we were going to the art show at the Palm Beach Convention Center) I ordered the pizza thinking it would come out quickly. Boy was I surprised with how wrong I would be.

Once we were seated by the hostess, we sat and waited, and waited some more, and even waited a little bit longer until our server finally came. He asked what we wanted to drink and ran away without letting me place my lunch order. After several minutes, I mean like 7-10 he returned with our drinks and allowed me to place my order for a well done plain personal pizza. I explained that we were in a bit of a rush, so I would take it, whenever it came out.

About 15 minutes later my pizza arrived. At this point, we had been at Il Bellagio for about 1 hour. A properly heated wood fired pizza oven should cook a pie in about 5 minutes, and it should come out well done, if the pizza maker knew what he/she were doing. This pizza took about 15 minutes or so to get made and came out undercooked. So much for following my request.

The bottom of the crust was way too doughy, and almost tasted like flour, since they put way too much on. You can see a good amount on the outer crust as well if you look at the photo above. The sauce was just luke warm and didn't really taste like it was made with TLC. The cheese was probably the only good part of this pizza. Although it wasn't completely melted, it tasted like a good quality brand.

Il Bellagio, if you are going to continue to serve pizzas like the one you served me, you might want to consider taking this food item off your menu. I was disappointed to say the least. This pizza could have been much better if the server paid attention and ordered my pie well done. Not sure if it was the servers fault, or the pizza maker, but there was an apparent disconnect.

Il Bellagio Pizza in City Place, West Palm Beach gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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