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Ikea Pizza Sunrise, FL

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The idea of having a slice of Pizza at Ikea the other day was just too tempting. I mean, what could a put it together yourself store, possibly offer in the way of a $1.75 slice of pizza. I knew what I was in for, but I had to take one for the team, and be able to tell you if you should eat this pizza, regardless of how hungry you are. Quick synapses....DON'T!

Like many things at Ikea, even the price of Pizza seems to be a bit too high.  I used to think, in my personal opinion, that Ikea had some pretty good deals on things.  This is no longer the case. Even the furniture prices seem to be in line and considered as high in comparison to the pricing on the pizza.

The pie was laying out for a bit and wasn't reheated when we placed our order. The look of the pie reminded me of the type of pizza I used to get at places like Adventure Land when I was a child. It just looked like a generic pie using grade D but edible ingredients. It did however, look better then a Domino's Pie in my opinion.  Normally I would say, "well for $1.00 this is what I get." This was no $1.00 slice though. This tiny, crappy tasting slice was $1.75 which puts it in line with regular pizza places who use much finer ingredients in their pies.

The sauce tasted a bit harsh, (still better then Domino's) and just didn't make for a plesant taste in your mouth.  The cheese, was the kind that you might get at a lesser version of Cici's.  But at least at Cici's you know you are paying like $4.00 and you just accept what you will eat.  Ikea, you really should change the pricing on your pizza, and make it more in line with the quality you are providing. This slice should be $0.99 at best.

Tusen Tack!

Ikea gets 1 out of 8 slices for their pizza.

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