I Fratelli Pizza Southlake Texas Outside Dallas

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I Fratelli Pizza Southlake Texas Outside Dallas

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ifratellis.jpgWhen I Fratelli pizza first arrived at the office I was working at in Bedford, Texas I had pretty high hopes. The box was uniquely shaped and the printing on it was certainly different than other pizza box generic style printing.

The owners actually were proud enough other pizza we were about to eat, that they felt so Inclined to let me see them before I ate it.

We ordered a pie with meatballs on it since my host seemed to be somewhat tired of eating plain pizza (could you imagine the nerve). The meatballs, unlike the box they came in looked very generic. They had the sort of look that you would normally find when sampling cheese with a toothpick. You know, the little blocks of cheese, yes of course you do.

Back to the box for a second. As you can see in the photo, they make the claim "never trust a round pie". Although this is cute, based upon their oval shape pie, it is inaccurate. If I shouldn't trust a round pie, then I should be ever more weary of a place that goes so far out of their way to be different, and serves such terrible sauce. This sauce was quite rancid and reminded me of a domino's type of quality. And we all know how awesome that is.

The crust at I Fratellis was actually very good though. It was tasty, crisp and thin enough to crackle when you bit into it. It reminded me of biting into a vanilla wafer. The cheese tasted good hot, but upon cooling off showed that like the sauce, it was also a cheaply substitution for what it should have been.

Since I didn't have the opportunity to go to I Fratelli pizza, it is without any basis whatsoever that I make the claim that they are a cheap type of take out style pizza place. If they could make their sauce a bit more decent, maybe by making it fresh and straining out the crap that shouldn't remain, I Fratelli would be a good slice. I would even forgive the bad cheese.

Needless to say I will not be ordering from I Fratelli during any future visits. Maybe in Dallas this place can survive, but would be out of business in any pizza crazed city.

I Fratelli Pizza gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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