Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza

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Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza

Posted By: gman
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Usually Pizza Expert shies away from having us review Frozen Pizza, but after I recently tried samples of Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza, that we were given as a perk on Klout, I had to take a few moments to review it for our readers. Like most times I review pizza here, I start off negatively thinking I will have a bad slice, since more often than not most slices (especially frozen pizza) suck. The pizza was free, the size looked puny, and I didn't feel like waiting around 15 minutes for this micro sized pizza to finish cooking. So I was thinking the worst.

The tiny box that these Home Run Inn Pizzas are a great indication just how small this pizza would be. If I was in the super market I probably wouldn't even notice them. When I removed the pizza from the box, I wondered if one would be enough or if two would be better since I am a grown boy. Before you read on, you should know, looks are deceiving. I really enjoyed this pizza!

The box says to cook the pizza in in an oven at 450 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Since I didn't feel like waiting for my stove to heat up, I placed the pizza in my toaster oven and cooked it at 390 degrees for 12 minutes and it was almost burnt, so do not pay attention to what they suggest and keep an eye while baking.

When I took this Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza out of the toaster oven it was hot and super crispy. Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza looked better than some of the pizzas you might find at some of the big chain delivery places. The cheese tasted pretty good for a frozen brand. The sauce was lightly applied and had a nice taste to it, considering how scolding hot it was. The crust, ohhh the crust, was definitely the best part of this pizza. This was probably one of the best frozen pizza crust I have had.

Home Run Inn, you guys got it right with your Frozen Pizza and it is a brand I will be buying for a long time. I wish they were a little bigger but I guess I will make do.

To my readers, I am sure there is a different taste when you microwave it, so please remember I baked mine. If you microwave yours and do not like it, you cannot compare it to what I thought.

Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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