Harry’s Pizza Miami Design District

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Harry’s Pizza Miami Design District

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I have been to the "best pizza" places all over the world. I have tasted what I consider to be some of the best pizza in the world during these travels. Many times the places the local papers and review sites recommend are right, but many times they are wrong. Recently Food and Wine magazine put out their Best New Pizza Places in the United States post, and included Harry's Pizza in the Miami Design District as one of the best.

Since I have never eaten there I decided to go give it a try and see if I could believe the rest of their picks based upon the decision to include Harry's Pizza.

Harry's Pizza looked relatively the same inside as Pizza Volante, at least when it comes to the layout and placement of the pizza oven. The staff was friendly and we sat ourselves in a corner table so that I could watch the pizza maker as he made my pie. I ordered a plain pie and began to wait.

Usually a pie baked in a well heated wood burning oven should take about 5-6 minutes. I guess Harry's Pizza had a few pies ahead of mine, since we waited close to 15-20 minutes for my pie. When the pie came out I wasn't overwhelmed with the appearance. The sauce looked chunky, the fresh mozz looked liked it wasn't cooked enough, and the crust had a lot of flour.

My first bite confirmed that it wasn't an overwhelmingly great pizza. Don't get me wrong, I could tell they used excellent ingredients at Harry's, so I do not think this pie wasn't exceptional due to cutting any corners. It is just that I went there thinking it was one of the best pizza places in the United States, and it wasn't. Had I not heard this outrageous claim about Harry's Pizza, I might have liked it a bit more, but for someone like me who has traveled the world trying to find the actual best pizza out there, this was a bit of a let down.

The sauce was too chunky for me, the cheese was kind of just placed on top of the pie, and although it was fresh and probably expensive to make, it didn't bake right on top. I am sure the Harry supporters will cry foul about my review, but just look at the photo. It was like eating raw mozz cheese.

The olive oil they used on top of the pie was delicious. It was fruitful and had a delightful aftertaste. I found myself licking my lips each time I took a bit of the pizza with some of the oil on it. The crust tasted very good, but it was covered with a dusting of flour, which made it taste a bit blander than it should have.

Harry's Pizza in Miami gets 5 out of 8 slices. Although it is a pizza I wouldn't avoid, and probably will try again, it certainly isn't one of the best pizzas in the United States.

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