Harmoni Market Pizza College Park, FL

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Harmoni Market Pizza College Park, FL

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in Orlando's College Park neighborhood during an unexpected detour caused from an I-4 closure. The service was a bit weird when we entered, the group of employees standing at the bar ignored us for a few minutes until someone finally told us to sit anywhere. This awkwardness was followed by a drink being served in a cup covered in lipstick stains, but after the initial trouble, the food and service were good.

I ordered the Rockin Goat Flatbread. Although Harmoni called it a flatbread, it was technically a variation of a pizza, so thus worthy to be reviewed here on  It consisted of rock shrimp, arugula, goat cheese, homemade mozzarella, and tomato sauce, all on a whole wheat flatbread (baked by the Olde Hearth Bread Company).  Seafood and pizza combinations always seem strange to me, but I really liked this and I'd gladly get it again! My only real complaint was that Harmoni was really stingy with the goat cheese. For a flatbread with goat in the name, I was expecting less mozzarella and more goat cheese crumbles.

Being that this was a flatbread pizza rather than a traditional pie, it's a bit hard to place on the same rating scale that I would normally judge a pizza by.  Since I enjoyed my food except for the stingy goat cheese, I'll give this 6 out of 8 slices!

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