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Grand Lux Cafe Pizza Boca Raton

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img_0487img_0488Cheesy, Cheesy, and not in the ostentatious way.  This would be the best way to describe the pizza I had the other day at the Grand Lux Cafe in Boca Raton, at the Town Center Mall.

I should know better then to let my wife decide where to eat.  Seems like anytime I tell her to pick a place, and no matter where it is I will be happy, I end up unhappy.  Her brilliant choice this week was the Grand Lux Cafe.

Since the place was jamming we got a seat at the bar and ordered.  Compared to my previous experience at 32 East in Delray Beach, the staff here was amazing.  Very attentive and extremely pleasant.  Imagine ordering a plain pie from a nice server, and actually getting a plain pie.  What a concept huh!!

When the pizza came out, I noticed right away how undercooked the pizza was and how much cheese was on it.  After biting in, my assumption that it was undercooked was confirmed.  The cheese definitely did not have the proper time to cook.  Almost like they just rushed this pizza out.  There is no disputing how undercooked it was, you can look at the photos above and notice it for yourselves.

The dough was a bit undercooked as well, but seemed to have a nice taste to it.  The cheese seemed to have potential but in my opinion, the Grand Lux should use less and cook it more.  The sauce wasn't too special and a bit spicy.  I am told the pizzas with toppings here are pretty good, so if you go make sure not to get the plain one like I did.

Grand Lux Cafe in Boca Raton gets 2 out of 8 slices.  Since the staff was so amazing there is a decent chance I will give this place another try.

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