Gran Forno Pronto Pizza Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Gran Forno Pronto Pizza Fort Lauderdale, FL

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A few weeks back my wife and I decided to get out of Boca Raton and explore Fort Lauderdale a bit. Little did she know that our exploration was really a way for me to go and eat at a pizzeria that a fellow foodie told me about and I had tried once before but forgot to take notes. So after driving through some neighborhoods and saying "look how cute that house is", we ended up miraculously at Gran Forno Pronto Pizza on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale.

Gran Forno Pronto has a lot more than just pizza. There is a menu that consists of salads and panini sandwiches  as well as some antipasti. We will only focus on the pizza for the sake of this review. We sat outside, which was a mega mistake since it was just so crazy hot out. A rather pleasant server came out and took our order. I naturally ordered the plain pizza, and my wife ordered one of the salads that Gran Forno Pronto offers.


I do want to point out that our waitress who served us this afternoon was extremely friendly and attentive. This started the experience out correctly, and it is a trait that many other servers who are forced on us pizza eaters could learn from. Nice and friendly = bigger tips.

When my pizza arrived at the table I noticed that it wasn't prepared properly. A lot of the outer edge contained no sauce and no cheese, and some of the inner portions of the pie also contained enormous bubbles. Personally I think the pizziola could have paid better attention to the pie since Gran Forno Pronto wasn't too busy on this humid afternoon.

My first bite was pretty good. The cheese was extremely fresh and tasty, and the sauce, which contained chunks in it (I dislike that) actually had a nice taste and aroma to it after I wiped off the parts I didn't want. The crust was my favorite part of the pizza. It was cooked pretty well done on some parts and a bit under cooked on the others, as you can see from the photos. The taste was really good on the cooked part.

In my opinion, Gran Forno Pronto on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale is a place I would return to. This isn't the sort of establishment I would crave and drive down for, but if I am in the area I will definitely go back and enjoy this pizza again. Especially if the servers continue to be as lovely as the one we had.

Gran Forno Pronto Pizza in Ft. Lauderdale gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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